Our Salesforce® Services

Codleo is a leading Salesforce services provider in USA enabling businesses to automate work processes and implement digital transformations by using Salesforce. Our team of experienced Salesforce certified developers guide you at every step of the Salesforce journey including Salesforce data migration to data management to Sales Cloud implementation and customization, and so on. Being an experienced & innovative Salesforce partner, we provide customized services and solutions to our clients using the latest Salesforce products, services, and tools.

We provide a wide range of Salesforce services to ensure that you derive the most out of your Salesforce edition. Our team offers unparallel services at every step allowing you to work at ease, without a care in the world.

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Salesforce® Consulting

Get exemplary Salesforce consulting services from a licensed partner with knowledge and experience second to none.
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Salesforce® Development

We provide personalised Salesforce development services as per the specific requirements of your brand & industry.
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Salesforce® Implementation

Ready to onboard Salesforce? We offer the best Salesforce implementation services curated as per your concerns & needs.
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Salesforce® Integration

We are raring to assist you integrate Salesforce with both on-premises and cloud software, third party apps and enterprise systems.
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Salesforce® Support

Our support services cover 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, feature enhancement to ongoing administration and user assistance.
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QuickStart Implementation

We offer an affordable Salesforce QuickStart package to get you up & running in a short time and on a limited budget.
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Salesforce® Health Check

We undertake a detailed health check of your existing Salesforce edition to find shortcomings & solutions to improve it further.
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Salesforce® Training

Our personalised training sessions are conducted by experienced instructors with real-time examples and case studies.
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Lightning Migration

Still using the Classic version. It’s time to upgrade to & enable a smooth migration to reap the fruits in the long run.

Why Choose Codleo as your Salesforce® Partner?

As a premier Salesforce partner, we have a skilled team of certified & experienced Salesforce consultants, wide range of domain expertise, totalling 350 plus person years of experience, and technical knowledge of all aspects of Salesforce including the development of apps on, CRM Migration, Implementation, Maintenance, Integration, Health check and Consulting. We provide scalable, practical, and cost-effective solutions for brands to derive maximum benefit from the Salesforce platform for enhancing growth and productivity. As a trusted Salesforce partner, we are invested in your success.

We are the dream makers who fulfil your business dreams. Think a larger-than-life business, plan your strategies and we will convert them into reality using the powerful Salesforce platform! We are also a Crest tier partner of Salesforce.

Reimagine the universe for your clients

Knowing your clients has never been so easy. Their entire journey with your brand is now on your fingertips. Know them in and out, so you can transform their experience with you. Wow them and let them become your brand envoys.





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We are consultants building business solutions and we exist to build something greater by loving and serving through business. We believe in innovation & problem solving, and are committed to help companies of all sizes, across different industries, around the world to achieve the best results in their businesses.
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Service Cloud

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Marketing Cloud

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Commerce Cloud

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Community Cloud

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Tableau Analytic

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MuleSoft Anytime Platform

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Salesforce® Platform

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Salesforce® Anywhere

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Salesforce® Einstein Chatbox

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Experienced Codleons that Foster Excellence

Learn how we can help any industry work from anywhere

Be you in any vertical, nature, location or size. We curate unique & appropriate solutions based on your precise requirements. Our solutions are in collaboration with domain specialists. We empower you and fuel your engine of growth. With our expanding bouquet of partners, Codleo solutions are just what you need for a wholesome journey & a delightful experience.

How Codleo Helps Businesses?

Our Case stories


Our most popular blogs cover a gamut of topics of interest to you. They are as wide as salesforce products, latest developments in the tech world, new product launches, and so on.


Why should we hire Codleo to provide Salesforce Services?

We are specialists in Salesforce with considerable experience & expertise. Our expanding bouquet of delighted customers is a testimony to our services. We provide the most appropriate solutions based on your needs & challenges, that are pocket-friendly, scalable and "just for you".

How can a Salesforce Consultancy company help your business?

A Salesforce partner provides the "little extra" that brands could do with despite Salesforce being a simple & efficient tool. They enable companies to draw maximum benefits from features & functionalities that maybe missed by lay persons. The range of services cover smooth deployment of your CRM system, in-depth training & support to your team to post-implementation support. Services also include setting up the dashboard, automating the system, email setup, project tracking, and more.

Can you help to check our Salesforce Org health?

Yes, we are happy to conduct a comprehensive health check of your current Salesforce org. The Security Health Check tool reveals the highs & lows in a company with regard to the existing set up. The discoveries can then be used to undertake course corrections for enhanced productivity.

How much time will it take to complete the Salesforce Implementation?

The time taken for the implementation process is dependent on various factors. A basic and simple implementation can take up to one month or more. The greater the customisation based on your needs, the longer the process and final implementation.

What’s the cost for Salesforce implementation?

The Salesforce Implementation cost is subject to factors such as levels of customization, scale, and timelines as well requirements of your brand.

Do Salesforce consulting services include carrying our third-party integrations?

Yes, it does. Based on the industry you operate in and the services (tools and apps) you want integrated, we integrate your data and functionality of your Salesforce org to arrive at a single source of truth.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path

Ask about Salesforce products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready to help.

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